The Urge | 11.18.11

Every single member left his own bountiful performance on the stage.




The Pageant | St. Louis                                                                                                  Greg Artime Photos

 It’s hard to be from St. Louis and not know who The Urge are, or at least have heard of them. As one of St. Louis’ hometown musical heroes, their shows are almost always sold out making for a full house and energy-infested atmosphere.

Last Friday night’s appearance at The Pageant was no exception. Beginning with local metal bands The Gorge and BrookRoyal, with the help of local alternative radio 105.7 The Point’s host, Lux, both bands awakened the crowd and brought the audience to their feet. It’s important to note, the majority of the excitement felt that night was most likely the result of anticipation from the band’s long awaited return to the stage.
Having formed locally back in 1987, The Urge paid its dues and eventually signed with Epic Records in 1995. Unfortunately, the band called it quits in 2001 and has since only performed reunion shows locally now and again; that was, until this past summer when they announced their return.
It didn’t take long before the crowd could be heard chanting “Play That Mother Fucking Urge Shit!” – a line reminiscent of old Urge days. The crowd was pumped and ready for some stylings of Urge proportions. The set was packed with various Urge classics including “Going To The Liquor Store” all of which were received with overwhelming enthusiasm. Also included in the list of night’s songs was their new single “Say Yeah”. Even though The Urge resurrected quite a few classics, it’s obvious from the band’s lighthearted and fun-loving aura the best is yet to come.
Even after performing for more than an hour, lead singer Steve Ewing and the rest of The Urge, showed no signs of slowing down. They were pumped and on some sort of electric high. Running circles around the stage, it was hard to tell the lead singer apart from the rest of the band. Every single member left his own bountiful performance on the stage. A great beginning to what is bound to be the resurrection of a lifetime. | Jennifer Manjarez

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