The Rapture | 05.10.07

live_rapture_smWith a car and a bridge, crossing the river was simple. We played Twenty Questions on the way there and The Name Game coming back home.





w/Shiny Toy Guns
Sauget, Ill.

The Rapture sent a packed house home happy Thursday, May 10 after their show at Sauget, Ill.'s spacious Pop's. Since 2003, I have tallied a sickening play count read on "Olio," but have mostly ignored their entire catalog. After tonight's show, I left relieved more than anything.

Here are the top five reasons that I feared the show could potentially suck:

1. $18 ticket prices

2. Having to cross the river

3. Not really knowing Shiny Toy Guns

4. Not being part of the motorcycle type that Pop's appeals to

5. Fear of being the loser who can only sing along to the Rapture's three biggest hits.

Here are the successful outcomes from what could've potentially sucked:

1. I got two free tickets (hooray for press passes!).

2. With a car and a bridge, crossing the river was simple. We played Twenty Questions on the way there and The Name Game coming back home.

3. I studied up on Shiny Toy Guns. I even formulated my top three favorite tracks.

4. I was not out of place; there was a premium blend of sincere, dancing fans.

5. Both acts' visual, dance-oriented sets distracted the other fans from my not knowing the words.

When I strolled in like an idiot, Shiny Toy Guns had all their instruments out and people were dancing to them. After the killer "Le Disko," frontwoman Carah Charnow announced that two songs remained. I was obviously tardy, but I picked out the major concepts: They were well received, they sold a lot of merch, the drummer likes foosball, they come from L.A., and they often switch up musical arrangements. (I think it's best when the girl sings.)

Intermission included billiards, and because it's been a while, I forgot how much I love shows at Pop's. Then the Rapture stormed out of the gates and greeted the fans. "You ready?" Bang! First song: "Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks." "Down for so Long" came next and fans stepped and swayed to each number. "Get Myself Into It" was a feast for the ears, especially live, and featured Gabe Andruzzi on the sax. On "Killing," Luke Jenner turned his guitar into a gun and fake-rifled the audience as Mike Safer chanted, "One two three four/ kick that fucker out the door."

When the Rapture gave their two-song-warning, many figured they'd be back for encore. So when the lights came up and they weren't coming back, it was a little startling. Since the band had touched base on all the highlights, including "Whoo! Alright! Yeah!…Uh Huh," and closed with the instrumentally-elevated closers of "Don Gon Do It" and the dreamy rendition of "Olio," their 13-song set didn't seem at all bogus. | Joe O'Fallon

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Set list:

Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks
Down for so Long
Get Myself Into It
Sister Savior
Pieces of the People We Love
Whoo! Alright Yeah…Uh Huh
House of Jealous Lovers
The Coming of Spring
The Sound
Don Gon Do It

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