The Glitch Mob | 10.18.14

live glitch mobIt is not uncommon to hear “I don’t like electronica, but I love The Glitch Mob.”



The Pageant, St. Louis

The electronic juggernaut known as The Glitch Mob graced the stage of The Pageant on the Delmar Loop on Saturday. On the road promoting its latest release, Love, Death, Immortality (Glass Art Records), the band hit the stage with blistering fury.

TGM may come across to some as simply three guys with computers, yet they are true artists of the medium. While it is true that much of the music is, indeed, computer generated, the band members make the most of their onstage instruments, which include keyboards, MIDI controllers, and drum machines.

Being mostly instrumental, it would be easy for such an artist to get monotonous quite quickly. Yet The Glitch Mob has a penchant for catchy melodies and memorable tunes. edIT, Boreta, and Ooah are MIDI geniuses, combining prerecorded tracks with an awesome live performance. As the band played songs from its latest opus, including the second single from the album, Mind of a Beast, the audience was eating up every beat, as well as the vicious light show that accompanied the songs.

Visually stunning and sonically bombastic, TGM takes live electronica to exciting new heights. The band has attracted fans from many different genres, and it is not uncommon to hear “I don’t like electronica, but I love The Glitch Mob.” When a band can achieve that, then their live shows must cause a definite reaction…and they do.

Playing selections from the first LP, Drink the Sea, as well as the first single from Love, Death, Immortality, entitled “Becoming Harmonious,” the band kept the energy level high, making the fervent crowd quite happy, indeed. The show was awesome; I look forward to seeing TGM on a larger scale.

Opening the show was The M Machine and Chrome Sparks, who delivered an enjoyable set of electronic tunes. | Marc Farr

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