The 1975 | 05.07.17

Matthew Healy’s such a charming, arrogant, unself-conscious performer, you can’t help but be utterly enthralled.

The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver

Following an instrumental cue, The 1975 took to the stage to crazy applause. Frontman Matthew Healy was uncharacteristically underdressed in black skinny jeans and a white hoodie; however, he didn’t let the casual attire detract from his as-always, over-the-top performance. As they did at last May’s Red Rocks show, the band opened with “Love Me” from their latest album—man, that song never gets old.

Four songs in, he waved to the crowd in greeting and then, after the following song, “Change of Heart,” offered a brief “Welcome to the show.” Then began a string of the band’s mellower, psychedelic songs; some may love them, but I am not much of a fan, and so here the energy dipped for me. Luckily, there were plenty more songs to be played.

The stage background changed several times with the music. As the band slipped into “Loving Someone,” a rainbow spectrum bathed the stage in light, a clear representation of the truth that love is love. A cityscape provided the perfect visual accompaniment to the saxophone in “UGH!,” an instrument that made a handful of appearances, all of them perfect.

Healy’s appearance and demeanor deserve another mention. He’s such a charming, arrogant, unself-conscious performer, you can’t help but be utterly enthralled. His remarks, sometimes heartfelt (“Thank you very much for coming. That was genuine. We’re very happy to be here.”), sometimes cocky. His dancing: gangly, awkward, indie, yet confident. His hair, very curly and usually long-ish, but cut short tonight. Before the encore, he commanded, “Put down your phones. Let’s do one song where it’s just you and us.” (Of course, I had out my phone for taking notes.)

We were treated to songs from both full-length albums, 2013’s self-titled debut and last year’s cumbersomely titled I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are so Beautiful yet so Unaware of It. Some of the more impressive, even breathtaking numbers of the night were the aforementioned “Love Me” and “Loving Someone,” along with “Heart Out,” “Change of Heart,” “Somebody Else,” and the night’s closer, “The Sound.”

Everyone, including me, left with the sound of The 1975 in our ears and an even deeper love for the band in our hearts. Until next time, gents. | Laura Hamlett

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