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tegan 75Before the show started, Sara announced, “I swear, this is going to be the best show of the tour.”


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The Pageant, St. Louis

Eager fans are outside standing, wrapped around the surrounding block of The Pageant’s walls. Ecstatic to get into the sold-out concert of Tegan and Sara, the fans danced in line to the music playing from inside The Pageant and awaited their turn to push to the front of the stage.

Tegan and Sara are an indie rock duo from Canada who have built a large fan base in St. Louis. It seemed that twin sisters Tegan and Sara were as excited to be at the concert as the crowd of roaring fans was. Before the show started, Sara announced, “I swear, this is going to be the best show of the tour”—and it was quite the show.

The concert began with Diana, another Canadian indie band, this one with four members. Diana’s lead singer bounced, danced, and entertained the crowd with her hot dance moves and floral print skinny jeans. Behind the lead singer was her three-man band, including a drummer, guitarist, and keyboardist who doubled as a saxophonist. They performed six songs, including a slow song “dedicated to your loved ones or your pets.”

At the end of Diana’s set, the group strolled off and the insane screams began. Onto the stage walked four men who took place in front of a keyboard, a drum set, a bass guitar, and an electric guitar. And then came Tegan and Sara, taking their place at the very front of the stage.

The tracks they performed were off their newest album, Heartthrob, that dropped January 29. In between pieces off their new album, they also performed a handful of classic songs from their previous albums, including my favorites, “The Con” and “Walking with a Ghost.”

Tegan and Sara played different guitars and at the end of every song; they switched to a new one, except when Tegan played the keyboard for a few songs. The visuals featured flashing lights of red, yellow, green, and every other color in between. Behind the lights were images of cropped faces, newspaper clippings, purple grass, flying neon butterflies, and a whole heap of random, abstract images that made the environment that much more exciting.

Tegan commented on how there was only one poster in the room, and that she remembers her first concert when she was eight years old: “The New Kids on the Block.” They, their cousins, and their father’s friend shared box seats. After an old memory of her first concert, she dedicated the next song, “Call It Off,” to the only girl with a sign in her hand.

The girls concluded the show by introducing their band to the crowd. Ted Gowans did the background sounds with a keyboard solo, and also played the guitar throughout the show. The other band members were John Spence on keyboard, Jasper Leak on bass guitar, and Adam Christgau on the drums.

Toward the end, Tegan and Sara performed nine songs with Gowans on guitar. They understood the fans wanted more songs than the group could perform in one set, so they played medleys of the songs they missed, finishing with a full performance of “Feel It in My Bones.”

Overall, the concert was everything—and more than—I anticipated. They performed expected songs from their new album, and surprised longtime fans with their favorite older tracks. The band’s performance was breathtaking, especially the drummer, whose drums thrust life back into the crowd members after they sung their hearts out to their favorite songs. | Alexy Irving

Photos: Alexy Irving

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