Tea Leaf Green | The Pageant, St. Louis | 06.09.06

San Francisco has a history of jam bands, rising up from the onset of rock music with pioneering bands like the Grateful Dead. Now, in the 21st century, fans are still hungry for bands that focus on the roots of good music. Luckily, there are four guys that are the modern-day answer to this need for music with a pulse. Tea Leaf Green is the next generation's Phish. Wedged between the Hackensaw Boys and Donna the Buffalo for their recent set at St. Louis' the Pageant, Tea Leaf Green delivered a pleasant performance that showcased the band's ample chops.

Observant audience members studying TLG's stage setup might have taken the bunch of bananas sitting on top of the keyboard before and during their set as a display of the band's quirky sense of humor. But maybe the band members were just in need of a potassium jolt after one of their many long jams, highlighted by stunning lead work from guitarist Josh Clark and pianist Trevor Garrod.

Known for their live performances and their prolific sense of music, they use a wide realm of different musical genres to create their unique jam band sound. Popular songs such as "The Garden (Part III)," "Sex in the 70's," and "Earth and Sky" are frequent highlights on tour. Influences range from Led Zeppelin to Widespread Panic, but they definitely have placed their own stamp on the music scene.

Grateful Dead and Phish followers will find common ground with Tea Leaf Green, and for good reason. They've toured extensively with Trey Anastasio, Bob Weir, and Gov't Mule, just to name few-all bands which have served as TLG's more recent and direct influences. But the band offers something for novices to the genre, as well. Their lyrical sensibility and good nature draws in fans, which was the case on this night at the Pageant.

Tea Leaf Green's music is accessible. They don't dress up or try to be anything that they are not. They are simply there to play good music.

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