Sick Puppies/Three Days Grace | 07.20.14

TDG-and-Sick-Puppies 75Things got interesting real fast when opening act Adelitas Way began their portion of the show by insulting The Point, the alternative radio station sponsoring the event.

TDG-and-Sick-Puppies 500

The Pageant, St. Louis

Things got interesting real fast when opening act Adelitas Way began their portion of the show by insulting The Point, the alternative radio station sponsoring the event. Lead singer Rick Dejesus asked if it hurt the audience’s feelings that there were Point signs around the venue when the station doesn’t play any of the bands performing. They only play hipster music, he added.

If you listen to The Point then you know that statement was false, so joke was on Dejesus when Sick Puppies and Three Days Grace both thanked The Point for helping certain songs their songs reach #1. (Personally, I agree that the station has gotten away from the rock sound it used to be known for, but that’s beside the point here). Adelitas Way clearly has a fan base, but they are still very low on the totem pole. They need radio stations like The Point. Even more awkward: two Point radio personalities were there and came on stage before Three Days Grace went on. So, Rick Dejesus, calm your shit, and stop sabotaging professional relationships. He was, however, quick to admit that they like to cause trouble.

That drama aside, Adelitas Way was actually an entertaining band to watch. I wasn’t familiar with their music, nor could I make out many of the words, but they had a great sound and even more impressive showmanship. At one point Dejesus had the pit crowd surf three small kids forward to the stage. He quickly taught them to fist pump with the music. It was an adorably nice sentiment, though it walked the line of trying too hard. (A couple of people in my company thought it was just plain creepy, but I beg to differ). Dejesus kept teasing the audience with a claim that he would crowd surf himself, but that never happened. Maybe he feared he’d be dropped for his Point slam.

Overall, I appreciated their exclaimed passion for the rock community, but think they better wise up and learn some etiquette if they ever expect to get anywhere.

Sick Puppies was the band I was primarily there to see. I saw them five years ago but didn’t know their music at the time and was stoked for the second chance to see them. There’s a bit of good and a bit of bad to be noted here.

The good: Excellent showmanship! Watching Sick Puppies, I realized that I don’t get out to concerts like these nearly enough! One moment lead singer Shem Moore had us placing our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us and jumping in unison until we couldn’t jump anymore! The next we were all getting as low as we could to jump up on his command. (It is shocking how low a tightly packed group of people could go, especially with a good chunk of them in dresses and skirts)! They sang some of my favorites, including “Maybe,” “Run,” and “You’re Going Down.” Oh, and did I mention Moore’s accent? Love.

The bad: They do not sound nearly as good live as they do recorded, which really bummed me out, especially at first. Moore and Emma Anzai have marvelous voices but they were washed out over the music. At some points I didn’t even think they sounded like the same band. Acoustics were poor for their set and Moore — mistakenly in my opinion — asked that the bass volume be raised. Also, I wished they could have performed one of their tracks where Anzai is main vocals because she has a beautiful voice, which seemed underused in their selections. Side note: she had a fan in front of her blowing her hair throughout the entirety of the performance. It was a gimmicky and unnecessary. She’s hot as it is; she did not need that.

Last but not least the stage was set for Three Days Grace. Here’s the thing, if you are a Three Days Grace virgin then you’ll love their performance. They sound freaking amazing, just as good live as recorded. New lead singer Matt Walst works the stage, and although he doesn’t talk much, it’s enough to keep the audience satisfied. And as hard as it is, eventually you accept Walst despite the fact that he’ll never be original lead singer Adam Gontier.

The problem was, I’m not a Three Days Grace virgin. My boyfriend and I went to the Missouri State Fair last summer to see them perform, and this was more or less the exact same show. They played the same songs in a predictable order, had the same dialogue in between numbers. We were more than a bit disappointed. Also, I love their classics like “Riot,” “I Hate Everything About You,” “Pain,” and “Animal,” but my goodness were the emo vibes in that room overwhelming! It’d be a nice change of pace to hear something remotely encouraging. Regardless, Three Days Grace is worth seeing at least once.

On a final, side note, don’t make the mistake my boyfriend and I did of ordering a drink without first asking the price. I’m sorry but $21 for two, small cherry vodka/Redbull that I could have made better at home was ridiculous. Lesson learned. | Megan Washausen

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