Sharam | 02.26.11

Don’t be discouraged by the thought of hard raving techno music or a loud persistent beat. None of that applies here.


Formerly one half of the group Deep Dish, Sharam Tayebi has found nothing but success since branching out on his own in 2008 and becoming known simply as Sharam. While his music, like many of the genre, has yet to find itself in the U.S. charts, numerous tracks have had major success in the U.K. One of the tracks off his debut album Get Wild, “P.A.T.T.”—a remake of Eddie Murphy’s “Party All the Time”—was a Top 10 hit in the U.K., and judging by last Saturday night’s response at Europe Nightclub, it’s nothing less than a hit here as well.

By the time he took control of the dance floor it was long past midnight but nobody showed signs of leaving. As one of electronica’s most talented and successful djs of our time his appearance was a real treat and that fact didn’t go a miss with the audience. Between the clubbers crowding the booth to get a glimpse or fist bump to the innumerous iPhones in the air, everyone was impatiently looking to get a piece of the man of the hour. The quaint and personal Europe Nightclub offered the type of intimate connection clubbers often look for with high profile artists and was the perfect venue for this show.

Even though some of Deep Dish’s most successful tracks like “Flashdance” were missing from the set the show was a great display of Sharam’s work from his first album and his recently released second album Mach. Tracks that made their appearance included ‘Fun’ featuring Anousheh Khalili, ‘P.A.T.T’ featuring P. Diddy, ‘The One’ featuring Daniel Beddingfield, and ‘She Came Along’ featuring Patsy Cline and Kid Cudi. Khalili has also provided her vocals to two other tracks, ‘Flashdance’ and ‘Say Hello’, both from Sharam’s time with Deep Dish.

There’s a presence about Sharam that comes through in his music as well as his shows. Like any great relationship, you leave his show feeling as if you’re a better person in the process and last Saturday night was no exception. At times Sharam appeared to be all business, concentrating on giving the audience the best of what they came for – the Sharam experience. While other times he resembled a charismatic playboy with his unquestionable good looks and confidence offering the crowd a glimpse at the real Sharam; taking a minute or two during his performance to exchange conversation and pose for pictures with fans near by. 

Don’t be discouraged by the thought of hard raving techno music or a loud persistent beat. None of that applies here. Instead what emerges is a conglomeration of some of the world’s best vocals and tracks intertwined into a powerhouse of sound. The results are a true piece of aural art put on display by one profoundly talented artist making for the ultimate entertainment experience. | Jennifer Manjarez

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