Sarah McLachlan | 07.06.14

profile-sarahAn unforgettably familiar ambiance conveyed familiarity and a whole new level of comfort to her show.



Fox Theatre, St. Louis

Sexy, sultry, and personal—just some of the many words you could use to describe Sarah McLachlan’s performance at The Fabulous Fox on Sunday night. Watching someone whose music is often played on soft rock stations across the U.S., it was amazing to see her rock out some of her tracks, old and new, to near-deafening levels.

Without an opening act, McLachlan proved she didn’t need anyone else to get the crowd going. Opening the set with “Flesh and Blood,” a track from her newest album entitled “Shine On,” she started strong straight out of the gate and showed no signs of slowing down. Beautifully interweaving the old with the new, McLachlan wowed the audience with her effortless singing and mellow persona. The stage, a sort of rooftop-lounge design with hanging lights draped across the background, married her and the stage in an unforgettably familiar ambiance that conveyed familiarity and a whole new level of comfort to her show. 

A few lucky audience members, chosen during a social media contest held prior to the show, were given VIP seating on stage and one-on-one time with McLachlan during the show. She took time out of her set to introduce herself to each of them and fulfill their requests for selfies, with all eyes and ears taking in the humorous exchange. Before the show, she solicited questions from attendees through comment boxes positioned outside in the lobby at the merchandise table. At the beginning of each set, McLachlan answered a few of the questions, including a marriage proposal from a female in the audience—which, after some thought, she politely turned down. The short breaks from her performance became some of the night’s most memorable moments, and were cherished by those on stage as well as off. Without a doubt, the short, personalized points throughout her performance furthered the audience’s admiration for the singer and really helped add a personal touch to her persona. 

Set list for the performance included songs such as “Adia,” “In Your Shoes,” “Monsters,” “Brink of Destruction,” “I Will Remember You,” “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy,” “Witness,” “Possession,” and “Sweet Surrender,” among others. The night ended with an encore performance of four additional songs, including “Angel,” “Beautiful Girl,” “Ice Cream,” and “The Sound That Love Makes.” | Jennifer Manjarez

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