Ryan Adams | 10.04.2008

ryanadams.jpg I was wrong about you, Ryan Adams. You finally lived up to my expectations.





The Fox Theatre, St. Louis

When I am wrong, I admit that I am wrong. So here goes: I was wrong about you, Ryan Adams. You finally lived up to my expectations.

Last year, I saw Adams at the Pageant and was more than a little disappointed with the show. I felt duped because this music that I listen to with such enthusiasm in my car, my home and that consumes space on my iPod did not translate well live. And it was not the first time I had been burned by Ryan Adams. And what was harder to admit was that this talented songwriter with a voice that makes me weak in the knees did not seem to give a shit that he was performing for an audience that actually paid $35 to be there.

But I have tasted redemption and redemption is sweet. My faith was redeemed on Saturday night at the Fox with a dip-me-in-the-water show from Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. The enthusiastic crowd got the best of Ryan Adams and the incredible Cardinals – gorgeous tracks from his latest studio album, Easy Tiger, and some older favorites with new, updated arrangements. Heaven.

The Cardinals have been on tour for over a year supporting the 2007 release Easy Tiger and are preparing for the October 28 release of their new LP Cardinology. On this tour, we are seeing more of Ryan Adams at home with Ryan Adams. Adams also is at home with the undeniable Cardinals. The band is amazing and provides real depth to support Adams’ difficult talent. Supported by Neal Casal, Chris Feinstein, Jon Graboff ansssd Brad Pemberton, the Cardinals have been with Adams for years and are featured on Cold Roses, Jacksonville City Nights, Follow the Lights and Easy Tiger. Their years together translate into enjoyment on stage and it’s apparent, finally.

The show kicked off with “Cobwebs,” a new track off the soon-to-be-released LP, Cardinology. Followed up by “Everybody Knows” and “Come Pick Me Up” (one of my all time favorites) before giving us a favorite, “Wonderwall” from 2004’s Love is Hell. The first set also gave us an amazing “Good Night Rose,” “Desire” peppered with “Peaceful Valley,” “La Cienega,” “The Sun Also Sets,” “Oh My God Whatever, etc.,” “Rescue Blues” and “Let It Ride.” We also heard additional tracks off the new LP including “Fix It” and “Magick.”

After a quick set break, the Cardinals were back with “Crossed Out Name,” “Afraid Not Scared” and “Bartering Lines.” “Love is Hell” was followed by a kick-ass “Shakedown on 9th” from the 2000 release Heartbreaker. During the second set we heard an up-tempo version of “Two” and “Off Broadway” from Easy Tiger and the song everyone loves “Cold Roses.” Other favorites included “Natural Ghost,” “How Do You Keep Love Alive” and “The End.” Adams brought the show to a close with “Icy Monsters.”

Walking off stage, Adams looked humble in the middle of the Fox Theater. The best news is he really deserved to be there.  |Raymee Alper


1. Cobwebs

2. Everybody Knows

3. Come Pick Me Up

4. Wonderwall

5. Fix It

6. La Cienega

7. Goodnight Rose

8. The Sun Also Sets

9. Oh My God Whatever Etc

10. Rescue Blues

11. Magick

12. Desire

13. Let it Ride

14. Peaceful Valley


15. Crossed Out Name

16. Afraid Not Scared

17. Bartering Lines

18. Love Is Hell

19. Shakedown

20. Natural Ghost

21. Two

22. Sinking Ship

23. How Do You Keep Love Alive

24. The End

25. Off Broadway

26. Cold Roses

27. ICY Monsters

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