Rodrigo y Gabriela | 03.09.10

Casual and ridiculously talented, Rodrigo y Gabriela demonstrated their skills that have made them world famous.


The Pageant, St. Louis

Defying all the stereotypes, Rodrigo y Gabriela set the world straight regarding what Mexican music really sounds like. From Tool to down and dirty Metallica, Rodrigo y Gabriela threw down the gauntlet and packed the house in a nonstop, unequivocal homage to metal the other night at The Pageant. As their first visit ever to St. Louis they packed the venue giving fans of all ages a taste of heavy metal via dueling acoustic guitars.

Originally from Mexico, the group started their musical career in a heavy metal band. Hitting a musical dead-end in their homeland the two headed for Europe, Ireland to be exact, where traveling musicians are more often welcomed than in other places. Quickly, the two gained notoriety and began playing across the globe. Now days you can find them anywhere and everywhere from the Late Show with David Letterman to YouTube and criss-crossing the globe in a fury playing for sold out crowds from Osaka to St. Louis.

Their most recent album, 11:11, is their sixth album – two of which were recorded live in Japan and the U.K. As with most acts, Rodrigo y Gabriela’s albums are a tame version of what you’ll see in concert. They lack the visual and audio intensity that comes with witnessing them live but are amazing nonetheless. 11:11 is an album entirely inspired by the likes of various heavy metal and guitar bands; some of which include Dimebag Darrell of Pantera, Jimi Hendrix, Paco de Lucia, Pink Floyd, Jorge Reyes, and Carlos Santana to name a few.

Casual and ridiculously talented, Rodrigo y Gabriela demonstrated their skills that have made them world famous. From Rodrigo’s heavy hitting solos to Gabriela’s quick handed beats on the guitar. Half way through the night, with the beer flowing not only through the crowd but across the stage, Rodrigo showed off his massive guitar skills by playing the guitar with his long-neck bottle. Right in the middle of the song he paused to take a drink and without missing his cue continued playing beer in hand. It was performances like these that led to a standing ovation at the end of the night and fueled a second performance from the duo.

With just two guitars and limited light effects, Rodrigo y Gabriela bring the world, the passion, and entertainment to one stage making for a night not soon to be forgotten. | Jennifer Manjarez


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