Pearl Jam | 10.03.14

Pearl-Jam 75I was disappointed and bored.

Pearl-Jam 500

Scottrade Center, St. Louis

Touring in support of their latest album, Lightning Bolt, Pearl Jam took the stage at Scottrade Center on Friday night. I was very much anticipating this show, as I have never had the chance to see this band live. I had no idea the disappointment I was in for.

Coming to the stage at least an hour late and with no supporting act, the band did not come out and command their space. Instead, they eased out onto the platform, and went into their first three songs—all somber songs that, as a fan, I did not recognize. Once they said hello to the crowd, they finally started to deliver their patented brand of grunge rock. However, they seemed rushed; the songs came across fast and sloppy. Eddie Vedder seemed more into the various bottles of alcohol he sported on stage than he did in the show itself. After playing their classic hit, “Evenflow,” and several selections from other albums, like “Pilate” from Yield, and the two first singles from Lightning Bolt, “Mind Your Manners” and “Sirens,” the band grew somber once again.

An artist like Pearl Jam should know better than to start a show off on such a slow note. With 10 albums and even more tours under their belt, this was sadly surprising. Vedder’s vocals were at times spot on, yet they were badly mixed and sometimes inaudible.

By show’s end, I was disappointed and bored, to say the least. Though they did play their most popular songs, “Jeremy” and “Alive,” the rest of their set was obscure and laced with bad sound values.

I expected more from veterans of the stage. Perhaps an opening act would be prudent, if the band wants to creep onto the stage and remain melancholy. | Marc Farr

Photos: C. Daniel

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