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my-morning-jacket 75They gave us a well-mixed set that rocked hard and had many in the audience dancing through the night.




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It’s been three years since My Morning Jacket played in St. Louis (three long years and four days to be exact). It was worth the wait. Their over-two-hour set at the Peabody Opera House was filled with cuts from 2015’s The Waterfall as well as songs from all of their albums except (sadly) their debut The Tennessee Fire. However, we did get two non-LP tracks from 2002’s Split EP. They gave us a well-mixed set that rocked hard and had many in the audience dancing through the night. MMJ leader Jim James only stopped twice to address the crowd and give his heartfelt appreciation for St. Louis, especially for the Arch and our beloved City Museum. This is my sixth time seeing them in St. Louis, and he has never failed to gush over his love of both those attractions.

The band looked and sounded ultra-energized. In particular, lead guitarist Carl Croemel ripped through songs and his solos like there was no tomorrow. Bassist Tom Blankenship and drummer Patrick Hallahan were in complete unison that was bone-crunching at times. Due to James’ recent back issues, he was reasonably mobile and in good spirts all night. There were some issues with the sound, however, which was upsetting for many fans who had difficulty hearing instruments at times.

The only criticism with the set list is the absence of one of their most beloved songs “One Big Holiday.” Normally, they close with it to send the crowd home happy. But with the current social climate in our city, “Gideon” was an incredibly poignant choice. Although I’m not a big fan of their newest album (which baffles my old MMJ friends), I was impressed with several of the new tracks live. It makes me wish they were as exciting on the album, but I digress.

Stand out songs of the night included “The Way That He Sings,” “On Is The One That Is Real,” “Strangulation,” “Dondante,” “Spring,” “Lay Low,” and “Gideon.” | Michael Koehler

Set List:


In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)

The Way That He Sings

Wordless Chorus


On Is The One That Is Real

What A Wonderful Man

Get The Point

Thin Line

I’m Amazed

How Do You Know


Outta My System

Spring (Among The Living)


Lay Low

Touch Me And I Think I’ll Scream Part 2


Wonderful, The Way I Feel

Victory Dance

Compound Fracture


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