Muna (opening for Miike Snow) | 05.23.16

With three guitarists, the songs’ strums and riffs were complex, and the lead singer’s soulful voice made it flawless.


The Pageant, St. Louis

On the night of May 23, The Pageant consisted of punk rockers and average Joes, all rocking different colors of plaid, Vans, and Converses. The crowd was sparse, with the 21-and-up attendees dominating the venue in the beginning of the show.

After half an hour of people watching, L.A.-based Muna crept out. Although they came out a bit awkwardly and quietly, they brought all types of woman empowerment, and I loved it. The band consists of three female vocalists—Katie Gavin (lead vocals/production), Naomi McPherson (production/rhythm guitar/synths/vocals), and Josette Maskin (lead guitar/vocals)—each giving their instrument an incredibly unique personality on stage.

Maskin made her guitar sexy by swinging her hips while strumming; McPherson made her guitar fun by performing classic rock ’n’ roll movements, like the head thrash and the backbend. The girls were also joined by good friends Brian Jones on bass and Scott Heiner on drums, both adding even more personality and intricacy to the show.

With three guitarists, the songs’ strums and riffs were complex, and the lead singer’s soulful voice made it flawless. This was Muna’s first time in St. Louis, and they described their experience as the best food stop they’ve had on the road. (They visited Mission Taco on Delmar, and, thankfully, the joint lived up to its name.) They performed several songs off their latest EP, Loaded Speaker, including “So Special,” during which Maskin broke a string. She responded positively, saying, “Let’s see how fast I can think.” The continuance of the set was nothing short of amazing, and the band got more than a few new fans that night.

After the show, I grabbed a few moments with the band. “It’s always weird opening up for someone because nobody there came for you,” said “Gavin, “but I’m really proud of what we did on that stage and the love we got.”

miike-snowMiike Snow’s performance started off a little sketchy because there was no one center stage, garnering attention and focus. We could only see figures playing instruments behind a wall of fog, giving the feel of just watching television.

After the fog-filled first song, though, lead singer Andrew Wyatt jumped up and started running the stage. He went from posing on a speaker, to shaking hands with audience members, to playing his keyboard, all within a five-minute span. The singer’s energy level was perfect, being the only band member not kept in place by an instrument. Another notable moment came during “Heart Is Full,” when he performed a cool backbend over the speakers while still effortlessly singing. Wyatt also mentioned his Midwest affiliation, having grown up in Maryville, Mo.

As you can tell, the all-girl group Muna was my favorite part of the concert. If my review isn’t enough inspiration to seek out their music, I hope this will be: Check them out! They are up and-coming, and on the right path. Miiike Snow has done something great by bringing them on tour. | Alexy Irving

Photos by Alexy Irving

Miike Snow set list:
My Trigger
Billie Holiday
Cult Logic
Genghis Khan
Paddling Out
The Heart of Me
Heart Is Full
I Feel the Weight
Song for No One
Black & Blue

Longshot (7 Nights)

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