Modest Mouse | 09.02.15

MM 75It was a good-spirited show with good-spirited people!


MM 500

The Pageant, St. Louis

Remember when I advised that this show would have the widest age range of attendees ever, well check this out, I spotted a mother and her son rocking out! She was dancing while he tried to slip away in embarrassment. From old supporters of Modest Mouse’s first album, The Moon and Antarctica, to fans of their newest one, Strangers to Ourselves, everybody was there enjoying themselves.

The first group, Morning Teleportation, looked like a gang of fur balls—each one rocking a hairstyle that covered any facial expressions they were making. It took me at least three songs before I actually saw faces, and that was only during their introductions. Bangs and luxurious coils of hair returned to face-covering position immediately after that.

Morning Teleportation’s performance was nothing short of a rock show. The lead guitarist, Tiger Merritt, and his accompanying guitarist each took solo sessions to show off their respective guitar skills. The most memorable guitar part was when Tiger made a squealing sound that I’ve never heard come from a guitar. Their pianist lacked energy until it came to their last few songs; that’s when you saw him jump up and play his tambourine and other hand instruments. Between the strobe lights and tempo changes, their set kept the crowd lively, which is exactly what an opener should do.

Modest Mouse came out to the sound of swarming bees. They had more than eight people on stage with instruments, and half of them switched their instruments after each song. The collection of instrumentalists included a percussionist, violinist and four musicians who switched between a guitar, synthesizer, bass, ukulele, coronet, upright bass, and a tuba. They even had a designated whistler for their first song “The World at Large.”

This was the first time in my life I saw a person rocking out on a Ukulele. The rest of the show featured a few other things I’ve never seen on stage—one being Issac Brock, the lead singer, placing his guitar pick on his forehead while he played another instrument or just sang.

The crowd consisted of real fans. A few of them dropped their heads in amazement while their favorite song played. They also knew which songs were about to play based on what instruments were brought out on stage, which astounded me. “This is freaking amazing,” said one fan right before he broke into a neck snapping head bang.

With fans emitting positive energy and strobe lights going crazy, this show was one for the books. The energy from the crowd and stage made it a wonderful place to be, and the people were the friendliest ever at The Pageant. It was a good-spirited show with good-spirited people! | Alexy Irving

Set List:

  1. The World at Large
  2. Dark Center of the Universe
  3. Sugar Boats
  4. Dashboard
  5. Broke
  6. Be Brave
  7. Missed the Boat
  8. Grey Ice Water
  9. Satin in a Coffin
  10. This Devil’s Workday
  11. Lampshades on Fire
  12. Ansel
  13. Doin’ the Cockroach
  14. Spitting Venom


  1. Wild Packs of Family Dogs
  2. Pups to Dust
  3. Shit in Your Cut
  4. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes

Encore 2:

  1. Strangers to Ourselves
  2. Night on the Sun

Photos: Alexy Irving

To view more photos from the concert, check out PLAYBACK:stl’s Facebook page. 

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