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live metricThe band managed to speak to every one of the crowd, each in a different way.



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Photo: Kristyn Potter

The Pageant, St. Louis

On a rainy Tuesday night in St. Louis, Metric brought in a mighty crowd. Front woman Emily Haines enlivened the crowd with her angelic voice, while her three-piece posse carried the rhythm on guitar, bass, and drums. From the very beginning, Haines captivated the audience with soothing and ethereal vocals that also exuded a don’t-cross-me quality angels certainly don’t come by. She is the hero of the free world—strong, feminine, and empowered—but also extremely beautiful and not afraid to have fun on stage with her bandmates.

Metric played oldies but goodies such as “Help I’m Alive” and “Gold Gun Girls,” which the audience knew by heart, and attempted to do a little jig along with Haines as best as they could in the shoulder-to-shoulder pit. Recently released Synthetica also made its way into the show, with songs including “Youth Without Youth,” and “Breathing Underwater,” which were also crowd favorites.

While the crowd wasn’t as hyped up as other shows that the Pageant has put on—such as Cage the Elephant in 2011, with stage dives and crowd surfing, or champagne-showering Steve Aoki earlier this year—the Metric audience was much more in tune with the vocals and the lyrics behind the songs, giving the packed venue a—dare I say it—intimate feel. The audience watched in awe as Haines pranced up and down the stage, returning to the synthesizer and dancing in place, then pausing briefly to mention her existential dilemma that found resolve at The Pageant, which brought a mighty roar of approval from the crowd.

Formed in the 1990s, Metric is one of those bands that has managed to make good music and put on solid shows with old-time fans as well as free-ticket-touting audience members. “Gimme Sympathy” from their 2009 album Fantasies closed the show, and the general silence of the audience was both ominous and inspiring, watching as the band managed to speak to every one of the crowd, each in a different way. | Kristyn Potter

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