Matt and Kim | 06.23.11

One thing is for sure; Matt and Kim love St. Louis and St. Louis loves Matt and Kim.




The Pageant, St. Louis

Brooklyn indie synth-pop duo Matt and Kim played at the Pageant on a Thursday night and rocked the socks off of area hipsters. The show began with Le Blorr opening, followed by The Thermals, allowing the audience to pregame and prepare for the insanity that was soon to follow. Loyal Thermals fans and eager newbies got to their feet, swaying to the lyrics and stomping to the beat. But when Matt and Kim took the stage, all hell broke lose.

No, seriously.

Balloons were thrown, confetti was in the air for the majority of the show, and familiar local venue turned into a full-on rave. It seemed as though everyone knew the lyrics to all of the songs, and with catchy keyboard playing and rhythmic drum blasting, audience members who weren’t longtime Matt and Kim fans appeared to be so anyway. Everyone was jumping along to the songs with their hands in the air.

It’s hard to say whether the highlight of the show was the Matt and Kim themed balloons thrown in the air or the sing-a-long encore featuring “Daylight” and “Yea Yeah,” but one thing is for sure; Matt and Kim love St. Louis and St. Louis loves Matt and Kim.

Throughout the evening the audience got a little rowdy. Well, that’s an understatement. In the crowd full of hipsters in skinny jeans, black-rimmed glasses, and slinky tanks and v-necks, it was clear that nobody really cared who was pushing whom. The real losers were those who weren’t jumping up and down and screaming lyrics at the top of their lungs.

My favorite moment of the concert was a tie (which isn’t fair according to the rules of favoritism, but they can suck it) between Kim doing a crowd surfing booty dance on the hands of the audience to a hip-hop mash up and the final song, “Daylight,” which was arguably the crowd’s favorite song as well as the most well-known Matt and Kim song.

During the concert, while drinking a Budweiser (and giving mad props to the brand and to Nelly, a hometown favorite), Kim said, “St. Louis makes you forget you’re on stage and makes you think you’re at a big party.”

Area hipsters and ravers alike couldn’t agree more. To which we give a resounding reply, “Yea Yeah!” | Kristyn Potter





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