Machine Gun Kelly | 11.11.16

MGK spit off his quick-witted lyrics and commanded the stage with his righteous demeanor.


The Pageant, St. Louis

Last Friday, thousands flocked to see Machine Gun Kelly at his sold-out show at The Pageant. Lines stretched from one end of the block to the other. It had been two years since the punk-infused rapper played St. Louis, and fans new and old could not wait to see their date of the Alpha Omega Tour.

The show kicked off with a 30-minute set from Mod Sun, who repetitively named himself “your favorite hippie.” His set was high energy and had the crowd moving with him, building the energy with a couple of his hits like “Stoner Girl” and “We Do This Shit.” At one point in his set, he asked everyone to raise a peace sign and was amazed at the sight, deeming the crowd one of the largest he’d seen.

Shortly thereafter, when Machine Gun Kelly took the stage to his rowdy new single “Alpha Omega,” the building could hardly contain the ever-growing energy of the crowd as the floor shook from the deep, rattling bass. Set up with a full live band, MGK spit off his quick-witted lyrics and commanded the stage with his righteous demeanor. This character broke, however, when he stood atop his platform, an uncontrollable smile stretching across his face as he looked out at the crowd, the house lights going up so he could see them. At this moment, it was easy to look through that hard attitude he had while performing, and see that he truly appreciates the turnout and respects the influence his fans have over his career. That moment ended quickl, though, as he transitioned into playing through his hits, such as “Young Man,” “Till I Die,” and his new single “Bad Things,” featuring Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello.

Seeing Machine Gun Kelly live was everything one would expect it to be: high energy, rattling bass, and tons of girls throwing themselves at the rapper. There were, however, moments that were completely unexpected too, like a cover of Blink-182’s “All the Small Things” sung by MGK as he jammed on his guitar, and even some darker moments, like performing his song “Gone.”

All in all, while going to a Machine Gun Kelly show wasn’t something I would normally consider, I was shocked at how interesting of a performer he was. Even though those 2,300 fans may not have known each other directly, they understood each other and, through music, were able to create an atmosphere that even someone who isn’t necessarily a fan of MGK, like me, to understand them, too. | Alyssa Bardol

Photo by Alyssa Bardol; see more here.

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