Lotus | 02.18.12

While the crowd may have not been large, neither the band nor those in attendance seemed to mind.





The Pageant, St. Louis, Mo.

Thirteen years into its existence, instrumental/jam/electronic band Lotus seems to have found its voice in a land somewhere between the existential post-rock of Explosions in the Sky and the electronic ambient tunes of The Orb. The band’s sound, however, remains entirely unique; this helps it stand out in a world of prolonged “jam sessions,” where the same song can drag on for far too long without any contrast.

On top of its very talented group of members, Lotus also brings a light set-up that, rather than become the focus of the show, works instead to accentuate the heavier portions of the songs as well as the more relaxed segments. While Jesse and Luke Miller take up most of the front of the stage on top of handling the entirety of the crowd interaction, guitarist Mike Rempel often shines as the leading guitarist: His focus and precision are rarely seen among any genre, let alone the “jam” scene. His guitar face helps make the focus more than palpable for the entire room.


Drummer Mike Greenfield keeps the entire band together with his dance-heavy, yet entirely solid beat, which is very important for a band that so often goes off on extended sections that never feel unnecessary or forced. Jesse Miller forcefully held down center stage with an ever-changing style of bass depending on what was required for each song, while Luke Miller had the most interaction, often addressing the crowd, or thanking them for coming out, or quipping about Mardi Gras.

While the crowd may have not been large, neither the band nor those in attendance seemed to mind. During one particular strobe lighting effect that seemed to go on forever, one can only imagine the band’s thoughts while staring out at what seemed like a slow-motion dance party that had every person in the crowd moving in their own unique way. | Bruce Matlock

Photos by Bruce Matlock


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