Justin Symbol | 11.26.16

He just may hit the heights of shock rocker Marilyn Manson if he plays his cards right.


Fubar, St. Louis

With the release of his latest album, Voidhead, Justin Symbol had garnered much attention. His blasphemic, electronic sound is turning quite a few heads, and the ears of eager fans. As he tours across the country, every stop brings more fans; he just may hit the heights of shock rocker Marilyn Manson if he plays his cards right.

Symbol comes to us from (where else?) New York City, where he is already making quite a name for himself. His brand of gothic, heretic, and electronically influenced style of gothic rock is not to be ignored. Dark and sadistic at times, this is some of the best of modern industrial music being made today. Justin Symbol is the real deal, as he proved at his latest show at Fubar.

With a new release coming in early 2017, entitled Godhead—his second full-length and the lyrical “sequel” to Voidhead—it is certain that Symbol will take his sadomasochistic lyrics, intelligent prose, and electronic, crashing sound all across the country, cementing many new fans as he goes. Though he has played the Midwest before on his own headlining tour, this past show saw him in the St. Louis area for the very first time, opening for the now-defunct Blood on the Dance Floor.

Out of six opening acts, Symbol outshone all the other bands. Dramatic in a wild, Manson-type way, Symbol whipped and contorted his body, while keeping his vocals on track. His band was on point, but Symbol himself made the show. A very approachable fellow, he is humble and grateful for all of his success thus far. Void Head is a hell of a listen, featuring original Marilyn Manson guitarist Daisy Berkowitz on several tracks, as well as an appearance in the “Purgatory” video.

Heavily influenced by the likes of Manson, Symbol has his own personality and sound. His demeanor may be dark at times, but when meeting the artist, he is down to earth and loves to talk. With his upcoming release, Symbol still has something left to prove: that he is not just another electronic artist riding the coattails of those who have come before him. He is an original, a much-needed artist in a genre seemingly packed with automatons.

Hailed as “The King of Negativity,” Symbol delivers material that is harsh and blatantly sexual. Perhaps he is not for the faint of heart, but he is perfect for the new generation of electronic gothic music fans. He is a bright light in the future and continuance of the genre, adding new, eclectic angles to a style of music that, as of late, has become stagnant.

With four LPs and three EPs to his credit, Symbol has nowhere to go but up. His success so far, while not on a large scale, is growing at a rapid rate. With the right stadium tour, an opening slot for the right band, this artist could reach the sky, and beyond. When Godhead hits record stores, and the ears of eager fans, Symbol just might prove his musical omnipotence. | Marc Farr

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