JJ Grey and Mofro | 11.23.16

There was no question: We were being wooed.


w/Parker Millsap
The Pageant, St. Louis

I’m sure that Parker Millsap hears this a lot, but he looks very, very young. I know he chooses his first song deliberately, though. The audience goes from wondering who this kid is, to being immediately transported to a 1950s Sun Record vibe: This kid sings like a mother. His songs are very playful and bluesy at the same time, and his band is fantastic. They did a great job of warming up the crowd for JJ Grey and Mofro.

I was expecting jeans and a flannel, and out walks Grey wearing the hell out of a suit, with a full beard and a sparkle in his eye. There was no question: We were being wooed.

He and his crew worked the crowd like old bluesmen. He blessed the crowd and went on to profess a longtime love affair with St. Louis. We were all treated to a wonderful date.

The lighting on the stage consisted of living room lamps, and the vibe was sweet and engaged. The band is incredibly tight, and they seem to have stolen their drummer from a jazz band.

Grey flirted with the crowd at The Pageant the whole night; I was pretty sure he was singing to me. And the gal next to me. And the fella next to her.

It was a great time and a wonderful show. Imagine the Commitments met James Brown and the Marshall Tucker Band, and were trying to sing you into bed. Damn. | Melissa Cynova

Photo by Joe Johnson; view full album here

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