Jazmine Sullivan | 3.19.2015

Jaz Sullivan_Live_75Jazmine has a soulful voice, and even though she mentioned she has been having vocal issues, she still gave one hell of a show.

Jaz Sullivan_Live_500

The Pageant, St. Louis.

Following her second album’s flop of 2010 Jazmine Sullivan began a 4-year break from her music career due to a failed relationship and personal trials she had to overcome. Luckily for everybody at the sold out show at the Pageant, she is back and doing her thing with her “Reality Show” tour.

The show opened with Jordan Bratton, who had so much energy that I felt bad for sitting in the seat! Unfortunately, classy performers like Jazmine Sullivan have a more mature fan base an they prefer sitting in the front instead of standing. So a seat I took and stayed in the entire night, regretfully. From his leather pants and black dashiki, I gained a sense that this young man was going to clown while on stage.

It something amazing about seeing a young African American man performing on stage, who has clearly been inspired by rock an roll an the kings of pop and soul. There wasn’t one second when this young man was still on stage. His energy level definitely made his performance a sight to see.

Jazmine started her set off singing behind the curtain and building up the crowd’s anticipation. Between her hair flips and water/tea breaks her voice boomed from each wall of The Pageant. Jazmine has a soulful voice, and even though she mentioned she has been having vocal issues, she still gave one hell of a show.

Vocal issues or not, you couldn’t help but get some old school feels from her band. Her song "Let it Burn" had a whole 70’s vibe, which explained her one-piece bell-bottom set and backup singer’s metallic dresses. Unfortunately, right when I began to understand her outfit, her singers did a rendition of "I’d Rather Be with You" by Bootsie Collins, while she went and changed her outfit to a glittery black one piece.

After more 70’s inspired tracks, the mood cooled down and she did some acoustic versions of her songs. Those songs included “Stupid Girl” and “Forever Don’t Last Long.” While the mood was still mellow and intimate, she explained her reason for being MIA in music—a bad breakup that made her lose herself and forget what she loved.

She gave more and more words of wisdom as well, including things like loving yourself when everybody expects perfection, and that once you get older you start accepting everything about yourself.

The night was a learning experience that opened my eyes to a different type of music—a type that I once just heard on the radio and glazed over the actual meanings. Jazmine Sullivan’s concert taught me to pay attention to what I believe in so that life can be more of a reality show instead of a directed play from somebody else’s book. | Alexy Irving

Set List:
Bust Your Windows
Lions, Tigers, & Bears
Killing Me Softly by Lauryn Hill
Let it Burn 
Stupid Girl
Forever Don’t Last Long
Master Piece
Brand New
Need U Bad
In Love With Another Man


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