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imagine 75Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds spoke humbly and genuinely about how thankful they all are, because “it’s been a long four years and it hasn’t always been like this.”


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Atlas Genius (photo: Cencio Boc)

The Pageant, St. Louis

Imagine Dragons preformed in St. Louis last night as a part of their hit tour “Night Visions,” along with two incredible opening acts, Nico Vega and Atlas Genius. Though Nico Vega was running late due to flight delays from Chicago, along with misplacing a set of car keys, they set up all their own equipment quickly and kicked off the night, pleasing the excited crowd. Lead singer Aja Volkman was barefoot throughout the show, dancing and thrashing her hair around and giving off a rebellious vibe, which the crowd quickly absorbed. She danced around the stage, standing on top of black oil barrels at times, and once almost fell off of one until she caught herself. Luckily, she laughed it off and the show went on.

The switch to an indie rock Australian band, Atlas Genius, further excited the crowd when they began with “On a Day” and went into their hit single “If So.” The band consists of three brothers, Keith, Michael, and Steven Jeffery, along with keyboardist and friend Darren Sell. Atlas Genius exuded a brotherly charisma, making the entire venue want to get up, sing along, and be a part of their incredibly musically talented family.

After “Symptoms” and “Electric,” during a quiet moment, a girl yelled out that it was her birthday, to which Keith Jeffery responded by saying that they must sing happy birthday to her. This gesture made fans fall even more in love with the down-to-earth attitude of the band.

Atlas Genius ended their segment with their biggest hit and alternative chart-topping song, “Trojans.” They gave the crowd what it wanted: enticing every fan to dance, shout the words, and just have a good time with the music. They even ended the performance by throwing out paper airplanes with the set list on them. All around, the opening acts had an incredible amount of energy and were a huge hit with everyone in the venue.

The crowd was buzzing with anxious anticipation for the main act to make their appearance. Imagine Dragons began with an intro of explosive drums, and then kicked off their performance with “Round and Round,” and continued on to play “Amsterdam,” “Tiptoe,” and “Hear Me.” Lead singer Dan Reynolds played up the crowd with his animated and vivacious movements on stage along with the beating of Imagine Dragon’s signature drum. The drum is roughly five feet tall, and it packs a hell of a punch. The massive drum was used in the intro to “Round and Round,” along with a number of songs, including one of their most popular, “Radioactive.” The song is more along the lines of dubstep, so this insanely large drum and the powerful percussion that came from it tied in perfectly. Both Dan Reynolds and Bassist Ben McKee passionately beat the drum with all of their might while the crowd roared with the feeling of the bass vibrating throughout their bodies.

After “Radioactive” ended, the crowd continuously cheered and screamed, showing their appreciation for how spectacular the song sounded live. Reynolds tried to speak, but the crowd would not back down and continued to shout while the lead singer shook his head in disbelief, waiting until they quieted to effuse, “This is so cool, man.” The crowd again cheered for a long period until they finally calmed down enough for Reynolds to get a word in. He spoke humbly and genuinely about how thankful they all are, because “it’s been a long four years and it hasn’t always been like this.”

While performing “Underdog,” they threw and kicked around glowing, clear beach balls among the crowd. Imagine Dragons appeared to be ending the show with “It’s Time,” but instead came back out with an explosive encore of “Nothing Left to Say.” This got the entire crowd fired up one last time as Imagine Dragons went out with more insane percussions, ending (literally) with a bang. | Lauren House

Photo Gallery for Atlas Genius/Nico Vega by Cencio Boc

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