Hiatus Kaiyote | 08.09.16

Nai Palm’s voice commanded the attention of everyone in the building.

The Pageant, St. Louis

Everyone rushed to the box office of The Pageant to get their tickets last minute on the ever-poppin’ street of Delmar. People finally realized that Hiatus Kaiyote was not a concert they wanted to miss—and if you did, this review will give you only a fraction of the amazing musical experience.

When you think of an opener for Hiatus Kaiyote, you think of some other cultivation of a multidimensional, polyrhythmic funk-tified band with an amazing vocalist, and that’s exactly what we got with STL natives Hawthorne Headhunters. Only thing is: They had two vocalists who took turns bringing a sense of ying-and-yang to the electro-funky beats streaming from DJ Needles and the Hawthorne Headhunters band.

This six-man group featured two singers, Black Spade and Coultrain, both of whom are well known for putting on extra spectacular events and shows around town. When these two men team up to put on a show, it is like none other. On stage with Spade and Coultrain tonight were DJ Nappy Needles, Dirtylynt, Mr. Barksdale and Donald “Superhero Killer.”

I’m not a newbie to the eclectic performances of Hawthorne Headhunters, and they are no rookie to performing with Hiatus Kaiyote. The headliner was also happy to be performing again with the locals. Lead singer Nai Palm mentioned how she wished they could continue the tour.

Once the show began, Palm put down her guitar and opened her mouth. Her voice demanded the attention of everyone in the building. The crowd was at a standstill as she belted out scats and other multidimensional magic. It almost felt disrespectful to speak during her set.

She rocked a sequined leotard with a Michael Jackson shirt over it and plaid high heels. Her forceful stage presence didn’t stop with her smooth voice. When she needed a drink break and requested her cup of whisky, she strutted like a model across the stage to get it herself after nobody else did. She then continued to completely thrash her guitar after a quick sip.

The entire show was full of her bouncing from center stage on the mic, to the back of the stage on the keyboards. My favorite parts of the show were when she and the rest of the band—Paul Bender, Perrin Moss, and Simon Mavin —all jammed out on their respected instruments and really got the crowd jumping.

Palm ended the show by introducing each band member and scatting her name to the crowd. There was good energy flowing through the body of everyone as they made their way out of the building—with everyone’s mind having been destroyed by some multidimensional, polyrhythmic gangster shit. | Alexy Irving

Photo by Alexy Irving; see full photo album on the PLAYBACK:stl Facebook page

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