Glass Animals | 07.22.16

The headliners came out with lights blazing everywhere and the crowd screaming their lungs out.


The Pageant, St. Louis

On a disrupted and humid night on the under-construction Delmar Loop, The Pageant opened its doors to fans of the strangely sensational indie rock band Glass Animals and new kids on the music scene Lewis Del Mar.

The energy in the room was full of people expressing their appreciation of music. Glass Animals gives you a respect for the intricacy and preparation it takes to create the likes of their tracks. The talented masterminds behind their music videos are a force to be reckoned with, as well. The music videos could turn some people off, but the fans who showed up for the concert were all appreciative of their uniqueness.

The songs of Lewis Del Mar were no exception to the complicated production of great tracks. The lead singer gave the rock band a soulful, jazzy vibe, but shredded on the guitar in the same track. His solo on the electric guitar was the single most beautiful shred session I have ever witnessed. The pianist and producer also surprised me by the number of falsettos he hit during each track.

Lewis Del Mar is a duo from New York City. In live performance, they were a five-piece power house who, at times, sounded similar to Alt-J. When I caught up with the band afterward, they told me, “St. Louis is actually the biggest crowd we’ve ever played so far,” said Miller. “The vibe was amazing and the Delmar Loop looks like a cool street.

“We are so excited for Lollapalooza next week,” they added. The band began performing as an actual group in September 2015, and in April, started touring with Glass Animals for their Spring 2016 tour. The folk beats with jazzy vocals they gave us made them the perfect opener for Glass Animals.

The headliners came out with lights blazing everywhere and the crowd screaming their lungs out. Lead singer Dave Bayley continuously hopped around the stage in burst of energy. I know he was good and tired afterward! Glass Animals performed two songs off their new album, which comes out in August. After those two songs, I noticed the crowd getting tighter and tighter as we all began getting pushed to the front.

I think Bayley noticed the crowd’s swell, because after that, he started jumping into the audience more. He started walking around the counters surrounding the fans, and jumped in to crowd surf a few times. He even high-fived and gave a shout out to his youngest fan in the crowd: seven-year-old Ayla W.

The night was filled with a shoeless lead singer, covers of Kanye West and other pop sensations, and a handful of new and old tracks from Glass Animals. A great night for music in St. Louis; the crowd all left with smiles and excitement in their faces. | Alexy Irving

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