Gemini Syndrome | 02.19.17

Nordstrom’s melodic roar is made for the stage, enhancing an already well-orchestrated arrangement of precise heavy metal.

Firebird, St. Louis

The metal juggernaut known as Gemini Syndrome recently brought its latest tour to St. Louis. Their sophomore effort, Memento Mori, is complex, technically proficient, and haunting. From the first single, “Anonymous,” the listener is taken to a different level of the heavy metal stratosphere. Part of the new wave of electronic metal, this band stands apart from its competition with a harmonically driven sound. Lyrically compelling, vocalist Aaron Nordstrom (formerly of Otep) provides a raging baritone that grabs the listener by the throat. The second album of a trilogy (their debut is Lux), Memento Mori is a journey into the battered soul—and the tortured mind behind it.

However good bands are in the studio is of no concern when it comes to the live setting. It is there they have the chance to prove they are worthy of being onstage at all. It is their time to shine. Indeed, Gemini Syndrome proves itself most worthy. Nordstrom’s melodic roar is made for the stage, and does much more than merely complement their sound, enhancing an already well-orchestrated arrangement of precise heavy metal.

Opening with “Pleasure and Pain” from their debut album, the band was sharp from the first note. New guitarists Daniel Sahagun and Charles Lee Salvaggio traded licks with marksman skill. The powerfully fast fingers of bass player Alessandro “AP” Paveri set an ominous tone, while drummer Brian Steele Medina bashed out complex percussion parts while making it look so simple. Cover that in harmony like chocolate, and you get the Gemini Syndrome sound—a sound that pulls you in, and does not let go.

Favorites like “Basement” as well as their newest singles “Anonymous” and “Remember We Die” were included in what was to be a short set. While they may not play long, they play very well; with the opening slot of the right major tour, these guys will be superstars. | Marc Farr

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