G-Eazy | 01.07.15

g-eazy 75I’m sure we remained the hype-ist city he’s visited.

The Pageant, St. Louis


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G-Eazy came to the Pageant and showed out during St. Louis’s stop on his “From the Bay to the Universe” tour. Thanks to his 2013 openers, MME, I got to go backstage and meet the man behind this sold-out show. When asked what to expect with this show, his exact statement was, “This show will be on some Kanye West shit”…and Kanye shit it was.

While the crowd of teenagers flurried in from the frosty outside cold, Marc Goone and DJ Cuddy opened the show. These St. Louis–born musicians warmed up the crowd with a high level of energy. DJ Cuddy came from 104.1 and played every mainstream dancing song you could imagine. Marc Goone and his team got creative and used an oxygen tank to excite the crowd. Goone also had a man in an all-yellow jumpsuit hop out on stage.

Kool John, Kehlani, and Jay Ant all came from California and showed how The Bay influenced their music within each set. Starting off The Bay’s openers was Kool John. Although Kool John neglected initially to excite The Pageant’s crowd, once he started doing The Bernie dance, they all started dancing again. Kehlani brought her Tsunamimob with her, representing their hometown. Her Tsunamimob was an all-female powerhouse featuring a DJ named DJMicah and two female background dancers. Her DJ was my favorite of them all. She kept the most energy through the set and was dressed very urban chic. (Later, searching the web, I discovered the answer to her excitement and chic wardrobe on her lifestyle blog.) Jay Ant made a shout out to Based God and showed off his skills with Little B’s “Cook” dance. He also had a crowd of predominantly Caucasian teenagers screaming the n-word while repeating his lyrics.  

G-Eazy entered The Pageant’s stage following a giant screen that played Kanye-ish images. Flashing a screen full of black, white, and images of eyeballs gave weight to his earlier statement. All lights were off except for the Kanye screen as he came out and danced like a rock-and-roller to his intro song. Other memorable moments during his set came when he brought out each featured artist from his album, the majority of them already on tour with him. He also had a handful of teenagers do the craziest act of love I’ve ever seen, with some of them taking off their bras and tossing them on stage. By the end of his set, he had at least a dozen bras hanging from his microphone as he continued to rap into it.

G-Eazy shut down St. Louis; I’m sure we remained the hype-ist city he’s visited, like he said at the start of his show. Although his tour bus burned down the night before, G-Eazy made it to tonight’s show, and a sold-out room was glad he did. The next time we see G-Eazy here, ticket prices will probably triple, because he is definitely on his way to the top. | Alexy Irving

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