Flogging Molly & Ludo | 07.17.08

live_ludo.jpgThe crowd was out of control but in a good way, with people up in trees and, of course, the crowd surfers flying over the hands of strangers.




Metro Music in the Park
San Jose, Calif.

While visiting a friend in California, I never expected to see one of my favorite St. Louis bands play, as well as a new favorite.

Ludo was the opening act at the Metro Music in the Park in downtown San Jose. This was the first time I had seen Ludo outside of St. Louis, but as always they put on an amazing show. The crowd went wild for this alternative rock band who had just come from their debut on The Tonight Show. Ludo impressed the crowd with their delightfully energetic stage presence as well as commentary between songs. Their shows are always extremely personal which make them a must-see.

As the band played songs from their most recent album, You’re Awful I Love You, concertgoers rang out the lyrics. The energy was amazing and could almost compare to that of their hometown shows.

One of their final songs was their ever popular "Goodwill Hunting;" the best song for anyone who has ever "had a thing." This is my favorite song of theirs and it was great seeing these Californians having the same awesome response to it. One again, Ludo was a great band to watch. I am so excited that people outside of St. Louis are catching onto this energetic group.

The headliner of the evening was the Irish rock band Flogging Molly. My friend and I stood in the front row and soon discovered just how crazy San Jose was for this band.

When the band came out on stage, the crowd went crazy; crazier than I had ever seen an audience be. But it was amazing getting to experience this rush of adrenaline among my fellow attendees.

To really enjoy Flogging Molly’s concerts, you either already have to like their music or hit it off with them right away. Their music is good, but it’s very niche. However, this was one of the few times I have listened to them, but I was already in love with their heart pounding Irish beats.

The crowd was out of control but in a good way, with people up in trees and, of course, the crowd surfers flying over the hands of strangers. The front row might now have been the best place to be, seeing that I came out with a few cuts and bruises, but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

Flogging Molly played for an hour; by the time their set was over, the crowd was already chanting for more. A few minutes later, the band came back out for an encore, pleasing the eager listeners.

I was very impressed with the calmness the band had on stage, even though the crowd was a bit crazy. It was another great concert to add to my list. | Ashley Mouldon

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