Fifth Harmony | 07.23.15

qh_kensrueTheir hard work is going to pay off and they will soon be playing bigger venues.



Fifth Harmony puts on an amazing show and is worth the wait—but their Summer Reflection Tour leaves me wondering how on earth decisions are made about opening acts.


Natalie La Rose got the show off to a strong start. With her all-female team, including a DJ and two backup dancers, she got the entire audience up on their feet. Her vocals were insane—in a good way—definitely up to par with the vocal gymnastics of the ladies of Fifth Harmony. La Rose sings in the same style as Fifth Harmony, but still has a unique sound so they don’t sound the same; she was a perfect choice to open. I was a little thrown off during her current radio hit, “Somebody” because the audience—mostly made up of tweens—was screaming along with the lyrics, “I want to take shots with somebody/ shots shots shots shots.” Artists can’t choose the age of their fans, but it was still an odd experience seeing this great artist surrounded by such young fans. Disappointingly, La Rose was only given a 20-minute set.


Next up we heard Bea Miller (recent winner of Disney Channel’s Next Big Thing), who got a 35-minute set. Her style of “pop with an edge,” as she calls it, was very PG compared to La Rose; for example, Miller’s hit song, “Rich Kids,” is about how rich kids have it all. This set was much more appropriate for the crowd, but the quality was significantly lower. Miller is clearly new to performing; she didn’t know how to use the stage and sang the majority of her songs off key. She didn’t dance at all, which is fine, but she was more on the rock side of pop, while Rose and Fifth Harmony sing more pop/R&B; it just seemed like an odd fit.


An hour and a half into the concert, I’m ready for Fifth Harmony, but there’s still another opening act: Debbie Ryan and The Never Ending. Ryan is on a popular Disney Channel show, I learned from the crowd chanting for her to sing the show’s theme song, but she opted not to. Ryan’s set was absolutely the worst: She was completely off key, the songs were neither catchy nor deep, and her style was so far from Fifth Harmony’s that I started to think I was at the wrong concert.


When Fifth Harmony finally emerged, however, I was completely blown away. The group—consisting of Ally Brooke Hernandez (22), Normani Kordei (19), Lauren Jauregui (19), Camila Cabello (18), and Dinah Jane Hansen (18) —has too much talent to contain to such a tiny stage. The girls sang every song off their new album, Reflection, along with a few songs off their Better Together EP. They danced nonstop and never missed a beat—or a note. They showed off their vocal ability even more with a flawless acoustic Ed Sheeran cover. These girls really perform. They engage the crowd like we’re all at a party together rather than them putting on a show for us.


Fifth Harmony is a group to watch out for. Their hard work is going to pay off and they will soon be playing bigger venues. For their next tour, they’re going to have a bigger stage, better openers, and a longer show. Their talent should not be hidden because they are fantastic. Look for Reflection on iTunes and Spotify now! | Samantha LaBat

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