Felix Martin and Barishi | 02/20/15

felix_martin_75Instrumental guitar acts tend to be fluid and virtuoso, but this group is something very different entirely.


Fubar, St. Louis

On possibly the worst winter’s night in St. Louis this season, Barishi and Felix Martin braved the elements and played for a small, but dedicated crowd on February 20th. Despite the sleet, snow, and ice everywhere, both bands played roaring sets.

Barishi went on first and looked unassuming. The guitarist, Graham Brooks, played a 1962 Fender Telecaster reissue. Bassist, Jonathan Kelley, had a small amplifier, and Dylan Blake had a drum set that looked like it’d be more at home in a rock band.

With this small gear and the impressively large vocals of diminutive Sascha Simms, Barishi was able to churn out death metal of great power and immensity. Instead of just phoning it in at a poorly attended show, Simms and company did not simply go through the motions, but he actively tried, and succeeded to create some excitement amongst the crowd.

Talented, heavy, and committed, there’s nothing more than you could ask for from a metal band.

After Barishi’s blistering set, the man of the hour, Felix Martin (and companions) took the stage in order to play his traditionally untraditional brand of music.

Martin just played his guitar. Killian Duarte, bassist, on the other hand, did most of the talking. He seems far more at home speaking to the crowd. Watching him on YouTube is nothing like seeing him and drummer Phil Galatioto playing live. Instrumental guitar acts tend to be fluid and virtuoso, but this group is something very different entirely.

Martin and his band’s ability to switch between styles was amazing. Martin’s ability to change how he plays his 14 string guitar is astonishing on its own. Sometimes playing the bottom half of the guitar normally, but often playing both parts of the guitar in harmonies. His violent playing was never imprecise, sloppy, or anything but spot on. He never flubbed a single note, even while playing the guitar with an open palm and fingering chords on the neck.

During the course of their set they were brutal, beautiful, and awe inspiring. | Nik Cameron

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