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Danity-Kane 75I could tell the crowd was excited by the intensity of the thuds I felt hit the floor as they all ran to the front of the stage.




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The Pageant, St. Louis

Walking into The Pageant for the DK No Filter Tour, I could see the faces of everyone in attendance. There were not a lot of people there, and they were all sitting down, which made me question the fandom within the crowd.

The first set came from Jessi Malay performing tracks from her album Give Me Life, which was released May 13. She came on wearing the smallest amount of clothing possible and had two dancers behind her dressed similarly. The set was very sexy. She even pulled a male from the front of the crowd, tied him to a chair, and gave him a dance. I’m assuming his significant other was somewhere in the crowd because he was reluctant to enjoy it.

Danity Kane came on at 9 p.m. in a leather and plaid outfit and had the crowd oh, so excited. I could tell the crowd was excited by the intensity of the thuds I felt hit the floor as they all ran to the front of the stage. Their first few songs were from my favorite, self-titled album by them, released in 2006.

Following the first three songs, the band took a break to talk to the crowd, with Aubrey and Dawn relating what happened earlier that day. Aubrey mentioned how we were the nicest people she met at the meet-and-greet portion of their tour. Dawn also mentioned that she heard St. Louis had the biggest number of Danity Kane fans in the U.S. I could not disagree with either statement, because St. Louis gives love where they feel love is needed.

Three guys were brought onstage for their performance of “Right Now.” One of them had been a fan since he was 9, another had traveled 11 hours from Brazil just for the show, and the third was celebrating a birthday. They proceeded to sing the Stevie Wonder rendition of “Happy Birthday” to him.

Danity Kane performed their hit single “Showstopper,” and the crowd went crazy as expected. The line “Three in the back, one in the passenger” were changed to “Two in the back, one in the passenger,” obviously because of the now three remaining members. After their performance, Dawn made a toast to all the changes Danity Kane has undergone, and to all the fans who have stayed with them as they transitioned from a group of five to three. The band came back from a seven-year break and were happy that the crowd was there. They ended the show by performing three songs off their new trio album featuring the songs “Lemonade,” “Rage,” and “Rhythm of Love.” Overall, I enjoyed the show. I was happy they performed songs from their old album, as well as new tracks I’d never heard. Their dancing was on point and the energy they gave to the audience was breathtaking. | Alexy Irving


Track list: Sleep On It Sucka, For Love, Showstoppa Strip Tease, Right Now, Pretty Boy, Secret Place, Poetry, Damaged, Rhythm of Love, Rage Lemonade

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