Corners | 02.25.15

corners_75Corners is the perfect temporary band for Ian Curtis lovers who always wished they could see him live.


Foam, St. Louis

Hailing from Burger Records in L.A., Corners blew up Foam this February with waves of tight, crashing synthesizers, pounding drums, and repetitive post-punk lyrics.


A local one-man-band, Smallpox Champion, opened the gig with his weird mist-like synthesizer and beat sound that covered the crowd with an infectious drowsiness. People stood around chatting and sipping bottled beers, mingling and swaying to the fuzzy distorted electric sounds.

Skin Tags came on second, giving the crowd the fast-paced and upbeat energy they needed for Corners. The all-girl group lit the small stage ablaze with good, ol’ fashioned punk rock, screams, and crazy fast guitar playing. Their set ended too soon, but smoothly trickled into Willis’s set. Willis, one of St. Louis’s favorite weird, spoken-word, basement goth. Willis was missing their drummer for this show, but the Kanak sisters easily kept the show running with their odd, dark connection.

Finally, Corners came on, spinning the room around with their classic post-punk sound. Slap trashcan lid claps and whining synthesizers created the perfect dance tracks for punk rock dancing (whatever that is). With obvious influence from Joy Division, Corners is the perfect temporary band for Ian Curtis lovers who always wished they could see him live. The crowd did not stop the entire set, and cried out for more songs or repeats once Corners finally unplugged—“Play ‘Spaceship’ just one more time!”

Definitely a show I wish I could relive. Foam is, as one of the show-goers said to me, “The best punk venue right now.” Corners’ $5 tape, released by Burger Records, was definitely in my hand as I walked out of Foam at the end of the night. A | Vella Mour

You can hear and purchase their new album Maxed Out on Distractions, check out tour dates, and listen to their other albums at their bandcamp

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