Clean Bandit Ft. Meg Mac | 04.03.15

Clean-Bandit 75The show became more of a dance party than a concert.


Clean-Bandit 500

The Pageant, St. Louis

The Pageant’s walls had a different style on this night. Among others in the crowd was a man with glow sticks twirling around his hands, a woman who read from a book between sets, and a handful of Washington University students wearing polo shirts and boat shoes. It was a truly intriguing combination of characters.

Clean Bandit and Meg Mac added to the intriguing mixture of acts. Just about every fans’ ears were fighting to figure out who the lead singer was because of the power each brought to the stage. Not saying all groups need a lead singer, but every performer towered over the next when it was their time. Each voice combination was absolutely incredible and flawless.

Opening for Clean Bandit was Australian native, Meg Mac. Meg Mac had the only business goth attire onstage. Behind Meg Mac was a singer whose soulful voice reminded me of church on Easter Sunday. Each song she performed sent emotions tingling down my spine. Her rendition of “Grandma’s Hands” made me feel like I was sitting next to my own grandmother learning a thing or two about life.

Meg Mac’s set had just enough down-under soul and Australian funk to keep you moving your feet in rhythm with her set. This was the most soulful act of the night but then came Clean Bandit with Elisabeth Troy singing as the lead vocalist. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Troy mentioned this was her first time visiting “St. Lou” after she belted out lyrics atop funky EDM beats.

*Cue guy with glow sticks twirling around his hands.*

The entire building was jumping and fist pumping. The show became more of a dance party than a concert. The energy in the building was on level 10, and Elisabeth Troy made sure that didn’t stop until she was done performing.

At the end of Clean Bandit’s set, they trotted off and a few members of the crowd trickled away. Luckily, St. Louis-natives know a thing or two about screaming for an encore and signaled their return. Clean Bandit came back onstage and performed their official last song. They then took a picture for their Instagram and made a video dedicated to their missing member, Neil Milan Amin-Smith.

From combinations of cellos and saxophones, soulful voices and Australian accents, and teen photographers, the night was a handful of love for your eyes to gaze upon. Everyone left The Pageant with a smile on their faces and a new love for things they never thought to combine. | Alexy Irving

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