Chevelle | 04.05.14

Chevelle’s sold-out return to The Pageant brings to mind the phrase, "If it ain’t broken, dont fix it."



After a bit of a break from touring to release their seventh studio album, La Gargola, Chicago band Chevelle returned to Tthe Pageant in triumphant fashion. Lead singer Pete Loeffler referred to the group as the “house band,” as he correctly recalled being here just a few short months before.

The quick return, however, did nothing to temper the crowd’s roars after the band played great new tracks such as “Hunter Eats Hunter” and “An Island.” Singalongs for older songs were numerous, as well, with Loefller declaring the crowd sounded better than he did during “Vitamin R (Leading Us Along).”

Given that it was only its second time playing through new songs to a crowd, the band sounded as tight as ever, with only a few moments where it seemed to still be working out a few things. Live music is a beautiful, ever-changing beast, and it was a pleasure to see it evolving in front of us.

Chevelle may have evolved very little over its seven albums, but the band certianly has it niche; when so many bands change stylistically every single album, sometimes it’s nice to know exactly what you’re going to get from a band. Given their “house band” status, the band’s next return (as well as the rest of the tour) should only get better and better.

Openers from San Antonio, Nothing More, were fitting enough. They got the crowd ready to go with a fairly generic, but well-played set that included an interesting cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “We’re in This Together,” as well as a rather confusing bass solo that required three members of the band to play one guitar. As the band itself stated, “Chevelle doesn’t need us here, but we’re thankful to be here.”| Bruce Matlock


Set List

1. Grab Thy Hand 2. The Clincher 3. The Meddler 4. Same Old Trip 5. Take Out the Gunman 6. Sleep Apnea 7. Closure 8. Jars 9. Hunter Eats Hunter 10. Hats Off to the Bull 11. Forfeit 12. Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) 13. Envy 14. Family System 15. An Island 16. Face to the Floor


17. The Red 18. Send the Pain Below 19. I Get It


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