CHAPPO | 06.09.15

chappo sq“Far from a band that simply plays music on stage, they perform in the truest sense of the word.”



The Demo, St. Louis

New York City’s CHAPPO made a stop in St. Louis supported by Young Empires and local act Without Hazard. A small room, an energetic crowd, and a hot Tuesday night made for an entertaining night of avant garde music at The Demo in the Grove.

Without Hazard played an interesting style of spacey blues. They had a full-on retro vibe combined with modern effects, creating a vintage sound juxtaposed with modern accoutrements. They played an entertaining set, complete with members changing instruments and original songs.

Young Empires was second. The band, clad in all black, would have been huge in 1984. They played an airy brand of synth pop that could be described as an emo band fronted by George Michaels. They sounded great and never flubbed anything during their set.

CHAPPO, however, was the draw of the evening. Never to be outdone by anything, lead vocalist Alex Chappo took the stage wearing the spaceman suit from the band’s latest video, “Hang on.” From that point, the band took off.

It’s never been easy to explain what CHAPPO is, at least in terms of style; they’re very hard to categorize. Their show depicts who they are better than I could ever tell you. Far from a band that simply plays music on stage, they perform in the truest sense of the word. From spacesuits to Native American vests, to keyboards, confetti bombs, and singing from the audience, what they’re going to do is largely unexpected.

Donning grim determination on their faces as they ply the trade on stage, they only smile afterward, when they know their task is done. CHAPPO is a band that will always pour their hearts into the performance. It would behoove you not to miss out when they return, hopefully this fall. Don’t make the same mistake twice. | Nik Cameron

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