Celtic Woman | 10.18.15

Celtic Woman 75_MainWhile some parts of the night did seem to drag on a bit, Celtic Woman is definitely worth the time and money.

Celtic Woman_500_Main

The Fabulous Fox Theatre, St. Louis

Celtic Woman graced the Fabulous Fox this past weekend with their Celtic sound and blast of colorful ambiance. Whether it’s the music, the dance, or the display of color across the stage, there’s something to entertain everyone. Ever since Michael Flatley’s ‘Riverdance,’ the number of Irish companies dancing and singing their way across the globe has grown. 

Ironically, for a program entitled Celtic Woman, the show opened Sunday night with three Celtic male singers known as the Celtic Tenors. Combining humor, music, and that unbeatable Irish accent, the trio seemed to woo the crowd, at least the ladies, long before the main act ever stepped foot on stage. They sang a few well-known American songs putting their own detailed touch on each, and threw in a few Irish songs as well. The guys did a lovely job warming up the audience and by the time the ladies came out in their beautiful, flowing traditional green garb everyone was ready.

The ladies started the show with “The Sky and The Dawn and The Sun,” a dramatic piece that rose and fell with ease and showcased their vocals together and individually. They continued the night with several classically recognizable tracks like “Ave Maria,” “The Prayer,” “Danny Boy,” and “Orinoco Flow,” often singing in several different languages including Italian and Gaelic. 

While the majority of the ladies sang and partially danced their way across the stage, the most notable talent came from member Maidread Nesbitt. Like a fiddle playing fairy, Nesbitt danced across the stage, fiddle in hand, keeping in toe with her own music. She bounced around the artists, literally dancing circles around them as if she had fairy wings instead of legs. Her charismatic smile and flowing blonde hair lent a whimsical air to the already heavily folk-induced performance.

While some parts of the night did seem to drag on a bit, Celtic Woman is definitely worth the time and money to enjoy a great night of lighthearted music and dance. | Jennifer Manjarez

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