Bryson Tiller Ft. THEY |03.08.16

His show wasn’t exactly “call-up-your-ex-crying” worthy, but it did make you wonder about them a smidge.


T R A P S O U L tour at The Pageant, St. Louis

With this being a sold out concert, everybody in attendance felt like the luckiest person on the planet. Bryson Tiller brought his T R A P S O U L Tour to St. Louis with a bang and his opener, THEY, followed suite.

THEY, a dynamic duo from Los Angeles, served as a perfect opener for Bryson Tiller. Their energy and voice level was perfect for the venue, and you could hear each word articulated by them. The DJ, Donte, came skipping out on stage wearing a similar outfit as his singeing counterpart, Drew Love. White T-shirts, red hats, and jeans were adorned by both performers for their set. Their second song was their popular single “Motley Crew,” and they presented a new song named “Deep End.” THEY showed mad love for the headlining act while on stage. The duo also showed love to St. Louis for being a great and energetic crowd making their first visit to St. Louis a great time.

St. Louis had a lot of adoration for Bryson Tiller. During his performance of “Exchange,” he got three bras tossed at him as well as endless teenage squeals as he came closer to the stage. His set was dark with a constant cloud of fog and lights at the corners of the stage shining on him and giving light to his nickname, “God Tiller.” It was hard to see his face, but once he started signing you were reminded why you started being a fan.

Tiller performed songs from his T R A P S O U L album as well as his previous mixtape Killer Instinct. Although his mixtape was before my fandom, everyone else in The Pageant knew all the words to every song. Aside from singing all the lyrics, the fans were also recording themselves singing the words and dancing onto their Snapchat. It drove me a little crazy seeing everyone glued to their phone while at a concert—might be because of my beef with Snapchat and the idea of sharing EVERYTHING, also might be because I forgot my password and cant get on my Snapchat—but the concert was pleasant to see and actually be at. There was no reason to spend it entirely looking through a screen; that’s what YouTube is for.

This was Tiller’s second time in St. Louis and his first time headlining a show. He told his story of how the national producer, Timberland, called him while he was working hourly at Papa Jonh’s. Timberland has done work with the likes of Missy Elliot and Aaliyah and told Tiller he needed to make it to Miami ASAP because he really liked what he’s hearing. Following that initial meet, Timberland signed Tiller and sent him straight on tour.

His show wasn’t exactly “call-up-your-ex-crying” worthy, but it did make you wonder about them a smidge. His singing was perfection but the lighting could have been better. It had its exciting parts, but for the majority of it, you couldn’t actually see Bryson, and that’s something everybody wanted to see. | Alexy Irving

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