Black Moth Super Rainbow | 05.15.13

live bmsrBMSR is a group of very talented musicians, and they presented themselves as such.




w/The Hood Internet, Oscillator Bug
Firebird, St. Louis

Black Moth Super Rainbow is a psychedelic rock group hailing from Pittsburgh headed by lead singer Tobacco. A screen behind them projects distinctively odd landscapes, such as a playground set in front a nuclear power plant. At Firebird tonight, BMSR played mostly material from their most recent album, Cobra Juicy. Their sound is extremely unique, though my best effort to describe the new album would be Deerhoof bathed in a solution of two parts Boards of Canada, one part Tycho, and one part Beach House.

The band’s stage presence is modest, as if they don’t want to distract you from the music itself. Tobacco used his vocoder for the entire show, even when speaking, adding to the ambience of them simply being present to perform their songs and for us to listen. There were no dazzling effects or showy lights, but it was perfect. BMSR is a group of very talented musicians, and they presented themselves as such.

Opening for Black Moth were Oscillator Bug and The Hood Internet. Oscillator Bug came on a staggering 45 minutes late, putting this show way past my bedtime. He played a short set of only three or four songs, but provided a powerful aesthetic sounding like a mix between an amateur Kraftwerk and minimalist composer Steve Reich.

The Hood Internet is a duo from Chicago specializing in plunderphonics and mash-ups. They mostly stick to two-song mash-ups: one hip-hop track and typically an indie or electronic track. Some of the artists sampled in their set at the Firebird included Purity Ring, Kavinsky, M83, Tyga, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean—definitely a Soundcloud worth bookmarking. However, their most important contribution to the show was the gratuitous bad dancing courtesy of the predominantly white fans. | Brian Cheli

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