Black Kids | 05.07.08

black-kids.jpgFrontman Reggie Youngblood’s initial thank you to the Mobius Band turned into him damning the band for "upstaging" them.






w/ Mobius Band and Cut Copy

Abbey Pub, Chicago

The fact that the Mobius Band’s set on Wednesday at the Abbey Pub was overshadowed holds little weight considering their opening slot warmed-up for Jacksonville’s Black Kids and Melbourne, Australia’s Cut Copy. The Brooklyn three-piece more accurately reheated (there was an early show) the Black Kids and Cut Copy with six songs that shared vocal duties (both singers had pretty good voices), backed by stuttering drum beats, and synth accompaniment. There was little to complain about, though nothing outstanding; highlights came from their new-ish release Heaven,"Hallie" and "Friends Like These," both tracks available on their MySpace

The Black Kids were certainly on a mission, not to say that improvisation was non-existent or that fans didn’t catch their infectious fun nature, but they mostly reflected a band prepping for an upcoming album release: their debut, Partie Traumatic, due July 7, to be exact. Having experienced the non-Wizard songs from the earlier show, I was able to appreciate the new ones much more the second time through. The familiar "Hit The Heartbreaks," fell in between three fresh dance numbers: the title-track "Partie Traumatic," "I Wanna Be A Limousine," and "Listen To Your Body Tonight." 

Frontman Reggie Youngblood’s initial thank you to the Mobius Band turned into him damning the band for "upstaging" them:  Youngblood joked, "Goddamn those guys the Mobius Band…those bastards. They come out here every night and upstage the whole goddamn thing," to which he conceited, "They’re pretty good, man," a compliment only to be topped by his sister Ali, who said childishly, "They’re my best friend." But the Black Kids were not upstaged. They finished off the second half of their set with the remaining Wizard of Ahhhs tracks alongside the "somewhat new one for [the Black Kids]" "I’m Making Eyes At You," a highlight, and their finale, "Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)."

Cut Copy pasted their 12-song set atop the Black Kids’ with several hits from all three albums, boosted by extended build-ups, breakdowns and reprises of sorts. "Out There on the Ice" broke in the sonically tight dance party. "Time Stands Still" came next, a crowd pleaser that Chicagoans may have heard two years ago when Cut Copy wasn’t as well known, (before the critically acclaimed In Colours). "Far Away" was the love song, "Lights And Music," was the favorite as well as the single, and "Saturdays," was the best.  Songs like "Hearts On Fire," kept the incredible set strong.

Overall, an amazing night of music from bands deserving of their adoring, most-appreciative fans. | Joseph O’Fallon

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