Arctic Monkeys | 10.4.11

The result was another homerun for these Sheffield boys.



It’s inevitable that no matter what act you go see the first thing people want to know after you’ve been to a show is “do they sound as good in person as they do in the studio?”. For the Arctic Monkeys, there are no words in the English language that fully encompass the entire experience well enough to answer that question. You simply have to experience it for yourself. Live, their music and Alex Turner’s vocals surpass anything you’ll ever hear on any cd. You could listen to their album a million times and still never experience the type of feeling that comes from their live show. Turner exuberates the kind of natural charisma on stage that intoxicates the crowd as well.

Indicative of his flirtatious nature, Turner came out last Tuesday night at the Pageant sporting a fun and playful, Elvis-esque quaff and ready to rock. The set list consisted of 19 songs, including the debut of “Evil Twin”, the B-side to their next single “Suck it and See”. Similar to last year’s show, the Monkeys rocked the Pageant with an array of tracks from all their albums. While last year’s North AmericanHumbug tour showcased a nice ratio of old to new tracks this year’s show took out all but 2 Humbug tracks and followed the same equation. The result was another homerun for these Sheffield boys. Per usual, songs like “Fluorescent Adolescent” and “Brianstorm” proved to be crowd favorites.  
The band opened with a track off last year’s album entitled “Pretty Visitor” and followed it up with two hard-hitting Suck It and See winning tracks right out of the gate – “Don’t Sit Down Cause I Moved Your Chair” and “Black Treacle”. Forget an opening act, that was all the band needed to get the crowd pumped. Doesn’t matter if you love or hate a song on any of their albums; live, every one of their tracks is a winner. | Jennifer Manjarez 


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