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Chris Botti | 01.26-27.07

January 4, 2007 0

Suddenly, Chris Botti's on VH1, dating Katie Couric, showing up as one of People magazine's most beautiful people, and selling "Botti-Call" panties on his Web site.        

New York Dolls | 12.01.06

November 26, 2006 0

In 2004, Morrissey organized a reunion of the Dolls for the Meltdown Festival. This led to Greg Whiteley's funny and touching documentary, New York Doll, about troubled Dolls bassist Arthur "Killer" Kane.  

My 2 Planets

May 16, 2006 0

My 2 Planets have been a fixture on the pop-rock scene for a few years now. This month, they release their third full-length CD, The Other Side of Summer. PlaybackSTL sat down with frontmen Jim […]

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