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Rude Chapbooks 07.23.12 | A Farewell for Now

July 23, 2012 0

Herein, with customary crankiness and prolixity, our columnist bids adieu for the foreseeable future to funnybook follies. Please hold your applause till Elvis has well and truly left the building (or, more precisely, been sent […]

Rude Chapbooks 07.09.12 | Still Miss Ya, Gerbs

July 9, 2012 0

Four-plus years after his tragic passing, The Infernal Man-Thing #1 should remind discerning readers of the genius of writer (and St. Louis native) Steve Gerber. Also hailed this week, mostly: Castle Waiting Vol. II #17, […]

Rude Chapbooks 07.02.12 | OMG, LOEG, ILY!

July 2, 2012 0

Likely to no one’s surprise, our crusty columnist, who’s apparently practicing trendy communicative protocols for some reason, herein gushes about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century #3 and reviews four other new floppies, among them […]

Rude Chapbooks 06.25.12 | Five Finales

June 25, 2012 0

This week’s column bids adieu (transitorily in most cases) to a quintet of titles now gracing canny comics shops nationwide, with critiques of Casanova: Avaritia #4, Memorial #6, Next Men: Aftermath #44, Ragemoor #4, and […]

Rude Chapbooks 06.18.12 | Woodcraft

June 18, 2012 0

In addition to Conan the Barbarian #5 (unreviewed here), this week lavishes a bounty of four-color bliss on fans of writer Brian Wood, who figuratively goes to sea with The Massive #1 and likewise takes […]

Rude Chapbooks 06.04.12 | Mercurial Mediocrity

June 4, 2012 0

With its focus on Mr. Freeze, the latest iteration of Batman Annual #1 leaves our reviewer cold, but happily enough, he’s got the hots for three of the other four floppies analyzed this week: Glamourpuss […]

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