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The Box Social | 07.09.07

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ev_boxsocialAnyone who lists OK Go and Tom Petty as influences is OK in our book.






w/The Deserters
at Off Broadway, St. Louis

We like these guys. They sent us an email letting us know they were coming to town. (They're from Madison, Wisconsin, home of all things cheese.) We listened to the songs on their MySpace link, to which they so kindly provided a link. We dug 'em. We said, hey! Good tunes! We'll be there!

And then we took it one step further: We contacted Off Broadway to see if we could present the show. You know, spread the word a bit.

So that's what we're doing. We're not even bitter our promised CD and press kit never arrived from the band. (Well, not all that much.) But you know we're going to ask for it Monday night at the show.

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