Eisley | 02.20.17

February 28, 2017 0

Front woman Dupree-Bemis is known for being a charming personality on stage, and this night was no exception.

On Tour: Hey Violet

February 25, 2017 0

Hey Violet’s sound is almost as if Katy Perry and Paramore had a love child.

Gemini Syndrome | 02.19.17

February 25, 2017 0

Nordstrom’s melodic roar is made for the stage, enhancing an already well-orchestrated arrangement of precise heavy metal.

Bon Jovi | 02.19.17

February 21, 2017 0

Closing out the night with an encore of some of their biggest hits, Bon Jovi proved why they have sustained a 30-plus-year career.

On Tour: Slothrust

February 21, 2017 0

The best explanation about who they are and what they play is that they’re everything all at once.

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