Fantasia 2014 | Report #3

July 31, 2014 0

Director Benny Chan has a gift for setting action sequences in realistic locations, from the Thai forest to the crumbling apartment blocks of Hong Kong to a luxury restaurant in Macau.

Fantasia 2014 | Report #2

July 31, 2014 0

Giovanni’s Island is a particularly interesting film because most of the story concerns what happens to people after a war is over, as opposed to focusing on the war itself.

Fantasia 2014 | Report #1

July 28, 2014 0

You might say the Japanese anticipated the current craze for dystopian YA literature, but made their dystopias much more extreme than anything the American market would bear.

Seussical | The Muny

July 25, 2014 0

This show is the most infectious children’s musical I have ever seen on stage, more compelling I’d argue than most of their Disney selections, like “Tarzan.”

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