Bat Mobile to Come to St. Louis

June 30, 2008 0

The Bat Pod (motorcycle) and Bat Bunker (tank/car) are on a 14 city tour from June 26 through July 23 in support of THE DARK KNIGHT.  Public and press will be able to see these […]

New Beck Tracks and Video Available

June 28, 2008 0

With the July 8 release of Modern Guilt rapidly approaching, Beck has made two additional tracks from the album available online, as well as a video.

The Verve to Release Fourth Album

June 28, 2008 0

‘Forth’ will be released in the US August 19th on the band’s own imprint On Your Own, which is being run by the Verve’s management company Big Life in association with Rob Stevenson’s company Stolen […]

Boy George Visa Denial

June 28, 2008 0

In between discussion of Iran, Afghanistan and Albania, the conversation turned to Boy George. The department’s Deputy Spokesman, Tom Casey, choked on his drink when asked what the department has against the singer who recently […]

Nat Geo’s Icelandic Rock

June 27, 2008 0

Sigur Ros and Bjork from Reykjavik — all of the performances will be during daylight, with Iceland’s capital city and dramatic rolling scenery providing a perfect backdrop to what is expected to be one of the […]

Craft Alliance “Juvenile Vision”

June 27, 2008 0

“Juvenile Vision” is more than a group of hand painted tiles linked together: it represents the thoughts, talents and hopes of the JDC teen residents, whose lives consist of daily obstacles and feelings of worthlessness. 

The Marquette Weekend iChannel Winners

June 27, 2008 0

iChannel and Bonneville International Corporation recently announced that independent music artists The Marquette Weekend were selected by listeners, online fans and other independent artists as the winners of the “iChannel $5,000 Video Search” contest.

La Perdida (Pantheon)

June 26, 2008 0

A young American woman heads to Mexico to find her roots, only to collide with the language barrier and a myriad of missteps in this new edition of Jessica Abel’s first long form work.  

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