Bringing Comics into the Classroom

March 31, 2008 0

Steve Higgins, a frequent PLAYBACK:stl contributor and English instructor at Lewis and Clark Community College, gives the ins and outs of his experience in crafting a course in Comic Books as Literature.  

Blind Melon | 03.24.08

March 30, 2008 0

Guitarist Chris Thorn and bassist Brad Smith were asked to produce Texas singer-songwriter Travis Warren’s demo tracks a few years ago, and discovered that not only was he a diehard Blind Melon fan who know […]

Chicago 10 (Roadside Attractions, R)

March 28, 2008 0

Don’t expect a traditional documentary: Morgan is more interested in recreating the confusing experience of living through those times than in evaluating them in a perspective informed by 40 years of hindsight.

21 (Sony Pictures, PG-13)

March 28, 2008 0

Sturgess’ geeky awkwardness turns quickly to cocky arrogance the more money he wins in Vegas, yet he manages to stay true to the essence of his character.

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