Cairo (DC/Vertigo)

January 31, 2008 0

Essayist G. Willow Wilson and illustrator M.K. Perker set their sights high for this graphic novel, but does their lack of comics experience hinder the final product?  

The Inches Interview with Tony Millionaire

January 31, 2008 0

The artist behind the long-running comic strip Maakies, the comic book series Sock Monkey, and the Adult Swim cartoon The Drinky Crow Show tells how drawing houses and scribbling on bar napkins got him where he is today.  

Ladyhawk to Release Dcumentary

January 29, 2008 0

"Let me Be Fictional", a documentary about Ladyhawk, is hitting the festival circuit and will be released later this year.  

Video Games Live | 01.26.08

January 28, 2008 0

As the orchestra ennobled the jingles that play as we maim, kill, fly and run through imaginary universes, the crowd erupted, time and again.    

Joe Quesada on the Colbert Report

January 28, 2008 0

The Marvel Comics editor-in-chief checks in with America’s champion of Truthiness, Justice, and the American Way to reveal the secrets of the new Captain America, making his debut in comic shops the following day.

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