I Love Led Zeppelin (Fantagraphics)

May 31, 2007 0

Ellen Forney's new collection of strips from magazines, newspapers, comics, and anthologies brings what we've come to expect from the artist: ribald honesty, withering observations, a gift for the language, cute drawings, and always, her […]

Image Comics 07.11.07 | Full Color

May 31, 2007 0

The book may be Full Color, but the art is in stark, stunning black & white in this revenge tale from Xeric Award-winning creator Mark Haven Britt.  

Marvel Comics 06.20.07 | X-Men turns 200

May 31, 2007 0

It's a landmark issue with X-Men #200, and you better not miss the party, mon cheri, cuz Gambit is back! Meanwhile, it's the death of a merry mutant in X-Men: Endangered Species, the Winter Soldier […]

The World Below (Dark Horse)

May 31, 2007 0

Is Paul Chadwick's new graphic novel a shoot-'em-up adventure, an extended metaphor, or something far more sinister?  

Parts & Labor | Mapmaker (Jagjaguwar/Brah)

May 30, 2007 0

While bands like Battles and Dungen are still being innovative and, more importantly, interesting, Parts & Labor have run out of ideas, becoming repetitive throughout the execution of Mapmaker.        

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