Dirty Rotten Scoundrels | Fox Theatre

March 30, 2007 0

Where Dirty Rotten Scoundrels succeeds is in its gags that rely more on the actors than the wordplay, as well as in its vocal performances.      

The Lookout (Miramax, R)

March 30, 2007 0

Writer Scott Frank (Out of Sight) makes his directorial debut with this movie and has done an excellent job taking a fairly simple story, adding all the right pieces, and making an intriguing film. Frank's […]

Marvel Comics 04.2007 | Ghost Rider

March 29, 2007 0

Why settle for Nic Cage when you can have the real deal? Here's a look at the next issue of his own series, plus a smattering of one-shots and graphic novels starring the Spirit of […]

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